SonarSea Maritime Safety

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SONARSEA Aids to Navigation

With a dedication to maritime safety and sustainability, SonarSea specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative navigational aids

Marine Lantern

Stand Alone Marine Lanterns for Illuminating the Seas

Buoy Solutions

Navigation Buoy Solutions for Aids to Navigation

About Us

Discover our Journey to Maritime Safety

SonarSea Smart Marine Lanterns

Cutting-edge Stand Alone Marine Lanterns designed to illuminate waterways

GSM & GPS Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and control options with internal GSM and GPS modules, featuring web-based Geo-fence location and alarm tracking

GPS Sync

Synchronized flashing and calculating sunset and sunrise based on its location with a built-in high-quality GPS receiver

Higher Durability

Aluminum alloy body with high corrosion resistance, able to withstand even the harshest meteorological conditions.